Synonym Of Libero

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Synonym Of Libero Libero

Libero � zawodnik w siatkowce. ktorego zadaniem jest tylko gra obronna. Libero ubrany jest w koszulke innego koloru, dla odroznienia od pozostalych zawodnikow .

Libero moze brac udzial jedynie w grze obronnej i nie wolno mu atakowac z zadnego miejsca boiska i strefy wolnej, jezeli w momencie kontaktu z pilka ta ostatnia jest powyzej gornej tasmy siatki. Libero nie moze zagrywac, blokowac czy podejmowac proby bloku .

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 13.5

(v.) = emancipate ; free ; release ; relieve ; liberate ; set + free ; discharge ; disencumber ; vent ; enfranchise ; unchain ; unshackle ; loose .

Ex: Regardless of whether automation emancipates the library itself from reliance on cataloging data, we recognize our responsibility to meet the needs of libraries that cannot take advantage of the new technology .

Ex: Habitualized actions, they further suggest, become embedded in human behavior and free the individual from the burden of repetitive decision-making .

Ex: If you press the shift key again to return the keyboard to the unshifted (lowercase) condition, the lock is then released .

Ex: This enabled them to re-establish their own identities and relieved them of the incidence of getting involved in 'library business' .

Ex: I hope this new technology somehow will liberate us from the drudge work .

Ex: When studied first at Dongwu University, I was most gratified by its well-stocked library and had the feeling of a caged bird set free to fly into the vast sky .

Ex: By the beginning of the nineteenth century many British printers had come to rely for most of their work on relays of apprentices, who were simply discharged at the end of their terms and replaced by new apprentices .

Ex: The novel disencumbers us of the baggage that we usually bring to the scene of human suffering .

Ex: Mount Etna in Sicily is currently venting white steam clouds .

Ex: There were a total 1713 manumissions, 250 manumitted by colonial law and the remainder had been enfranchised by persons in England .

Ex: Forgiveness is the act of unchaining yourself from thoughts and feelings that bind you to an offense, imagined or real, committed against you .

Ex: The Internet can unshackle the ingenuity of the human race by promoting free markets and entrepreneurship around the world .

Ex: She washed their wounds and loosed them from their fetters, and consoled them in their anguish .


* conseguir liberarse de = secure + relief from .

* liberar a Uno de = take off + Posesivo + back .

* liberar a un preso = release + a prisoner ; free + a prisoner .

* liberar a un rehen = free + a hostage ; release + a hostage .

* liberar de = lift from ; discharge from .

Synonym Of Libero Libero

* liberar de hacer Algo = take + Nombre + out of + Posesivo + hands .

* liberar del exceso de trabajo = relieve + overload .

* liberar de trabajo = relieve + pressure .

* liberar de una tarea = relieve of + task .

* liberar el estres = relieve + stress .

* liberar energia = blow off + steam ; let off + steam ; get it out of system .

* liberar horas = time off .

* liberar la tension = release + tension ; relieve + tension ; relieve + the pressure .

* liberarse de = extricate + Reflexivo + from ; shed ; be free from ; escape + the shackles of ; break + free of ; get + Nombre + off + Posesivo + back ; shake off ; break + loose from ; get + shot of ; get + rid of ; give + Nombre + the gate .

* liberarse del yugo de = throw off + the yoke of ; cast off + the yoke of .

* liberar tiempo = free up + time .

* liberar vapor = blow off + steam ; let off + steam .

Synonym Of Libero Libero

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