Subaru Xv Bi-Fuel, A Fuel-Saving

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Subaru Xv Bi-Fuel, A Fuel-Saving XV

Subaru has just added its trading range in the new Bi-fuel XV, available for the 1.6 petrol engine 114 hp and 150 hp 2.0. In both cases, there have been various mechanical adaptations for these two versions can also use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for propulsion. The end result: greater efficiency and savings for our pocket.

It has for several years talking about the alternative fuels. It is one of the most widely used worldwide. The latest brand adds new in this respect is Subaru, Which has just begun marketing new Bi-fuel XV. The main feature offered by the new Subaru XV Bi-fuel is that you can use both interchangeably gasoline as Autogas. In the range of this SUV Compact AWD all-wheel, the Bi-fuel versions are available for Boxer gasoline engine 1.6 and 114 hp and 150 hp 2.0. Both can be purchased for a premium of 2,650 euros respect to the equivalent version that uses only gasoline to propel.

In the Subaru XV 1.6 Bi-fuel the estimated consumption of LPG is € 5.44/100 km, while in the Bi-fuel XV 2.0 is of 5.53 €/100 km. By comparison with the version Boxer 2.0 D diesel 150 hp, the XV provides a 30 percent savings and a 45% more capacity using the two tanks of gasoline and Autogas.

The Autogas also offers advantages in emissions, with a reduction in urban traffic 68% in the levels of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) from the diesel. As regards emissions CO2 (carbon dioxide), Levels of contaminants Autogas are similar with respect to diesel and 10 percent lower compared to gasoline. In economic terms, the price per liter of Autogas is 56% lower than diesel.

XV Subaru prices Bi-fuel are:

- 1.6 Advance: 23,570 euros

Subaru Xv Bi-Fuel, A Fuel-Saving XV

- 1.6 Sport: 26,170 euros

- 2.0 CVT Executive Lineartronic: 29,670 euros

- 2.0 CVT Lineartronic Executive Plus: 31,670 euros

Version 1.6 of the Subaru XV combine only with a manual gearbox five-speed, in turn, is coupled to the 2.0 Lineartronic automatic transmission, a particular version of the best known CVT continuously variable.

Subaru Xv Bi-Fuel, A Fuel-Saving XV

Subaru XV - Il crossover a trazione integrale a Bi-Fuel Top Partners

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