Subaru Introduces The Xv Concept

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Subaru Introduces The Xv Concept Impreza

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Subaru has unveiled an all-new crossover SUV concept called the XV.

Exhibited at this year’s Shanghai auto show, the XV combines stylish form with traditional SUV practicality.

The front of the car features hexagonal design and hawk-eye headlights. These elements are in fact familiar to the Subaru stable.

The rear of the car features similar hexagon grille as the front.

Also featured in the XV is a glass of panoramic roof. It extends continuously from the windscreen until the rear window.

Inside, the seat features white leather as its base material. This white leather is nicely creating a harmonious contrast with the dark surroundings.

And fixed in the center panel is a large information display with touch panel.

Subaru Introduces The Xv Concept Impreza

EyeSight – a driver support system, is also fitted on the car. This system is equipped with an LCD monitor.

The XV is powered by a tough 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Horizontally-Opposed DOHC engine, paired with a CVT transmission.

The overall look of the Subaru XV can be considered magnificent.

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Subaru Introduces The Xv Concept Impreza

Subaru Introduces The Xv Concept Impreza

SUBARU XV CONCEPT Auto Shanghi 2011 , April 19 , 2011

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